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Choose the CD/DVD drive letter

When Windows starts up, it automatically assigns letters to internal and external hard disk drives, CD and DVD-Rom drives, USB flash memory drives and so on. Do all the devices have the most convenient letters though? If you have more than one storage device like a CD-writer and a DVD-Rom drive, two DVD-Rom drives, A DVD and an external USB drive and so on, you might prefer to have different drive letters than the default ones that are assigned by Windows. You can easily change drive letters to suite your own preferences.

Click the Start button and then right click the My Computer icon. Select Manage from the menu that pops up and then expand the Storage section in the left hand pane. Select Disk Management in the Storage section and on the right you'll see the storage devices in your PC or attached to it, such as hard disk drives, CD/DVD-Rom drives, and so on.

Right click the CD or DVD drive in the lower half of the main window - the graphical view. Select Change drive letter and paths from the menu that is displayed and then click the Change button to choose a new drive letter. (Notice that you can also add drive letters that refer to the same drive.) Just follow the prompts to change the letter.

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