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Windows XP hints and tips

Don't restore viruses and malware
Add a password to the Guest account
Defragment the registry to boost performance
View any file type in Notepad
Driver signing
Check the digital signatures
DOS isn't dead
DIY startup messages
Group Policy Editor
Restore hidden updates
The Address toolbar
Explorer command line switches
Create Explorer shortcuts
Processor scheduling part 1
Processor scheduling part 2
Use System Restore
Adjust System Restore's space requirements
Turn off System Restore
Create your own font characters
Edit Internet Explorer's title
Crashed? It's just busy!
Disable System Restore for other users
Disable the File menu in Explorer
Use a Limited account
Access the hidden security tab
View hidden and system files
Get a better firewall
Choose the CD/DVD drive letter

Make files read-only
Make files hidden
Make files system
Entering path names at the command prompt
Use attributes when searching
Check your internet connection
Advanced user accounts
Reduce IE's cache
Troubleshoot shutdown problems
(Don't) clean up the clutter
Back up the registry
Restore the registry
Customising folders
Controlled shutdown
QoS reserved internet bandwidth
Force programs to quit
Power off
Fix email problems
Enable/disable Task Manager
Explore Task Manager's processes
Backup Outlook Express email
Avoid Outlook Express timeout errors
Show the administrator account
Better, faster, more reliable internet
Searching with Media Player