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Windows 8: Show and find apps in the Start screen

It has to be said that Windows 8's Start screen looks great when you start it up and get to the desktop. But hang on a minute though, didn't previous versions of Windows come with Notepad, Paint, WordPad and a host of other useful prgrams? Where are they? You just need to know how to find them.

Right click an empty part of the Start screen, such as above the word Start. A panel opens at the bottom of the Start screen and there is a single icon labelled All Apps. Left click it and the Start screen is replaced with the Apps screen.

Windows 8 apps screen

The Apps screen categorises everything and the default apps and those installed from the Store are listed first. Following these are programs that have been installed, and then there are accessories, Windows Ease of Access tools, and Windows System tools. Scroll the screen using the scrollbar at the bottom to see them all. Now you can start Calculator, Paint or whatever you want to run.

To return to the standard Start screen display, just press the Start (Windows) key on the keyboard.