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Add a Start button and menu to Windows 8


Windows 8 has come in for a lot of criticism since it was released and Windows 8.1 improves it a little with a few tweaks here and there. For many people though, the changes just won't be enough and the main problem is that the Start screen is not a good alternative to the Start menu. We have had the Start menu since 1995 and it works well. If you have Windows 8 or are thinking about getting it, IObit's Start Menu 8 adds a Start button and menu that is just like the one you are used to.

It makes Windows 8 so much easier to use. You don't lose any functionality and you can switch to the Start screen any time you want to run apps, but with Start Menu 8 you don't ever need to see it if you don't want to.

IObit Start Menu 8

When you download and run IObit Start Menu 8 it asks you to select a button style first. The Classic is recommended, but there is a wide range of other designs.

IObit Start Menu 8

Select General Settings on the left and there are some useful options. The first is to run Start Menu 8 automatically when Windows starts. The second option bypasses the Start screen and so the PC boots straight to the desktop. This is just what we want.

IObit Start Menu 8

Here you can see Start Menu 8 in action. There are a few minor design differences between this and Windows 8, but it's such a relief to get back to normality you won't notice them. Notice that there is a Switch to Metro option, which goes to the Start screen, and a MetroApps menu that lists the apps on the Start screen.

Of course, there are other Start menu replacements and some have been around since the day Windows 8 was launched. IObit's is simple, it works well, and it is free. Go and get it.

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