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Custom Task Manager views in Windows 8

There are some big changes in Windows 8 and one of these is the new Task Manager. It has been rewritten from the ground up and it is now much more powerful. It is mostly quite strightforward to use, but you may not have discovered the new views that are possible.

Right click the taskbar on the desktop and select Task Manager from the menu to start the program. Select the Performance tab and it looks something like this:

Windows 8 Task Manager

The number of CPU charts depends on the number of processor cores there are, so there could be two, four or more. Also the number of disks may not be the same and you could have more or fewer. It will still look pretty much the same though.

Double click the charts on the right and the window shrinks so that only the charts are visible like this:

Windows 8 Task Manager

Although there isn't a title bar, you can still click and drag the window around, and resize it using the borders. In fact, you can shrink it even more without the menus, left panel and other clutter.

Double click the charts to get back to the standard view and then select Memory, Disk or Ethernet on the left. Double click the chart and you get the appropriate chart.

Double click the small charts on the left in the main window and the whole right part of the window disappears and you get a mini window just showing the left panel of charts.

Windows 8 Task Manager

There are three different views available, so play around with them and find the one that suits you best.

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