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Put people on the Start screen in Windows 8

Windows 8 comes with a variety of bundled Start screen apps and one of these is Poeple. It is a sort of a cross between a contact manager and social network. It stores contacts, but it also shows their Facebook and Twitter comments. A little known feature is the ability to put people on the Start screen as live tiles.

Click People on the Start screen and then click a contact in the list to open their personal page. Right click in an empty part of the screen and a bar appears at the bottom. Click Pin to Start and then confirm this in the little pop up window. A small tile then appears on the Start screen. You can drag this to any position on the start screen and by adding more people you could even have a group of tiles listing all your favourite people, relatives, work colleagues or just people you want to watch.

Windows 8 People

The tile is a shortcut to that person in your contacts, so it can be useful to have contacts you frequently view just a mouse click away. It is not just a shortcut though and the tile is live. In otherwords it displays the latest Twitter or Facebook status comments. You can therefore follow people on the Start screen, which is an interesting idea. Is that something you want to do?

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