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Use a picture password in Windows 8 for extra security

It is a good idea to use a password to secure the account on your computer so that other people cannot access it. It prevents them from selecting your account, logging on as you and accessing your files, emails, contacts and so on. Windows 8 offers a new type of password that you may prefer to the standard variety. Instead of typing in a word that could be guessed by someone or trying to remember a complex string of characters, you can use a picture instead. It's easy to use and hard to guess, making it a useful security feature. Here's how to set it up.

Move the mouse to the top right corner of the screen and pull down to show the charms bar. Click Settings and then in the panel, choose Change PC settings. Select Users on the left and then click Create a picture password. You will be asked for your current password. Enter it to continue.

Now you can click Choose picture and select any photo or image on the computer. The contents of the Pictures library is shown by default. You are then asked to draw three gestures on the image. A gesture is a click (or tap with a touch screen), a line or a circle. You can use three clicks, a click and two lines, a click, line and circle, and so on. Any combination will do.

After performing three gestures you are asked to repeat them just to confirm that you can do it, after all it wouldn't be good if you were locked out of your account. You are then returned to the PC Settings screen. Notice that there is a Remove button next to Change picture password. This returns you to the previous password you were typing in before.

Try restarting Windows or simply logging out and logging back in. You will see the image and to continue you must perform the three gestures. You may find it better than a traditional password.

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