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Control Panel shortcuts in Windows 8

Do you use the Control Panel a lot in Windows? It has a large number of settings and options, and this makes it an essential and often used facility. Yet Windows 8 hides it away. It used to be on the Start menu where it was easily accessed, but there isn't a Start menu in Windows 8. It isn't on the Start screen and it isn't on the desktop. So how do you access it? Here are some quick shortcuts.

If you want to change a feature, option or setting you can simply start typing on the Start screen. The search panel appears and clicking Settings will list all the matches for the search term. Often these are Control Panel settings, so that's one way to get to the Control Panel. For example, if you want to change the firewall settings, just type firewall on the Start screen, select Settings on the right, then click Windows Firewall on the left. Windows Firewall in the Control Panel opens.

Control Panel

You can also just type Control on the Start screen and before you've even typed Panel the Control Panel appears in the results list on the left. Right click it and at the bottom of the screen are two very useful options: Pin to Start and Pin to taskbar. This adds a Start screen tile and a taskbar icon making it easy to open the Control Panel without having to search for it.

One more method is to press Windows+X. This opens a secret menu in the bottom left corner of the screen and on there is Control Panel.

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