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Remove the lock screen in Windows 8

Does anyone know what the lock screen is for in Windows 8? It is the first thing that you see when you switch on the computer and it is there when you return after the screen saver has kicked in. It's also there when you log out. It just seems to be a completely pointless irritation. Fortunately, you can get rid of it and make using Windows 8 that little bit easier.

Windows 8 lock screen

Hold down the Windows key and press R to open the Run box. Enter gpedit.msc (traditionally this has only been in the Pro versions of Windows). Expand Administrative Templates, Control Panel, Personalisation on the left. On the right, double click Do not display the lock screen. Set it to Enabled. (Enabled, disables it using a weird sort of logic.) Quit and restart Windows and you will no longer see the lock screen. The login screen is the first thing that is displayed. Enter your password and you're in.

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