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Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts

There has always been lots of keyboard shortcuts in Windows that enable fast access to various functions. Now there are even more with Windows 8. In fact, there are too many and you'll never remember even half of them. There's no point in trying, so just remember your favourites. Here are mine.

Windows key: Switch to the Start screen. Press again to return to the app
Windows+C: Show the charms bar on the right
Windows+Tab: Show task switcher on the left. Tab to the app you want to switch to
Windows+I: Settings
Windows+Q: Search for apps
Windows+F: Search for files
Windows+W: Search for settings
Windows+Z: Shows the top bar for Start screen apps
Windows+L: Go to the lock screen
Windows+PrtScrn: Take a screenshot, save it to Pictures/Screenshots
Alt+PrtScreen: Save snapshot of current window to the clipboard
Windows+R: Open the Run box so you can run a program
Windows+Pause/Break: Display System in the Control Panel
Ctrl+Mousewheel: Zoom in/out on the Start screen
Ctrl+A: Select all
Ctrl+C: Copy selected item(s)
Ctrl+X: Cut selection item(s)
Ctrl+V: Paste whatever's on the clipboard

There are many more, but I just can't remember them. Some aren't that useful, to me anyway. To see the full list check out Yash Tolia's blog

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