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Set the privacy options in Windows 8

The Store is a great addition to Windows 8 and there are some fantastic apps to download and play with, but did you know that the apps can access some personal information? They are able to discover your location, your name and your picture. Are you OK with this or would you rather they didn't? Change the security settings to block them.

Windows 8 desktop

Move the mouse up to the top right corner of the screen to open the Charms bar and click Settings, or press the Windows key+I. Click Change PC Settings and then select the Privacy category on the left. Click the three buttons on the right to set them to the Off position. Apps then won't have access to the information.

To be honest, the information isn't that revealing and it is doubtful whether anyone could use it for anything. Still, some people just don't like this sort of thing, so now you know how to stop it.

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