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Add a Desktop toolbar in Windows 8

For a decade or more it has been possible to create toolbars and add them to the taskbar at the bottom of the screen. The thing is, there was never much point in them and consequently many people didn't use them. Windows 8 changes all that and toolbars are actually very useful, and some would say even essential. Add the Desktop toolbar.

Windows 8 desktop

It't very easy to add the desktop toolbar. Just go to the desktop from the right Start screen, right click the taskbar and select Toolbars, Desktop. As you can see, it adds Desktop to the right side of the taskbar and clicking the arrow next to it displays a pop-up menu. It gives you access to things like the Control Panel, libraries, user accounts and much more.

You may have noticed a Programs toolbar in the screen shot. That's another useful toolar and you can see how to add it here.

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