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Windows 8: Update your apps from the store

The Windows 8 Store has some fantastic apps and no doubt you will quickly build up a great collection of tools, work and fun apps. As well as finding and downloading new apps, you should also update your existing apps. Apps are frequently updated to add new features or to fix problems that some people have been experiencing and it is a good idea to check to see if there are newer versions of the apps installed on your computer. Grab the updates as soon as they are available

So how do you know if there are updates for your apps? You can actually see the number of updates on the Start screen. Take a look at the Store tile on the Windows 8 Start screen. Here is has the number 4 on it. This means that there are newer versions of four of the apps installed on this PC. Click the Store tile to enter the store. An internet conenction is needed of course, because the store is an online service.

Windows 8 Start

When the Windows 8 app store appears it shows highlighted items, top paid and free and so on. In the top right corner of the screen is Updates and in this case you can see that there are four. Whenever you visit the store, look for updates here.

Windows 8 Store

Click Updates and the next screen displays a list of the updates available. Here there are Maps, Weather, Finance and Solitaire. Notice the tick in the top right corner. This is how you select or deselect the apps you want to update. The Finance app has been clicked and this has removed the tick. It won't be updated. Usually it is best to update them all, so click the select All button at the bottom if necessary and then click Install.

Windows 8 Store

You will be returned to the Store home screen and a status message in the top right corner shows the progress. Press the Start (Windows) key to exit the Store and return to the Start screen. You can try your updated apps from here.