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Windows 8: Add an administrator user account

It is useful to have a separate Windows account on the computer for each person that uses it. This enables them to have their own desktop, their own settings, their own email and so on. In a recent article I showed how to create another user account using PC Settings. This time I will show how to create one using the Control Panel. This is more powerful and has more features than PC Settings.

From the Start screen click the desktop. Move the mouse into the bottom left corner of the screen and when the Start tile is displayed, right click it and select Control Panel from the menu. In the top right corner of the Control Panel window, select View by: small icons. Click User Accounts.

You might expect to see an option to create a new account or add a new user, but instead you have to click Manage another account. Below the list of users is a link, Add a new user in PC Settings. If you click this you can add a new user to the computer and this was covered in this article.

If a new user is added, it always has a standard user account. This is fine for most people, but suppose you want to add an administrator. This is where the Control Panel is useful. After adding the user, you can select the user account and then perform various actions, such as changing the name and password, deleting the account or changing the account type.

Windows 8 user accounts

Click Change the account type and you will see options to select either a standard or an administrator account. The latter has the power to do anything on the computer and it's useful for expert users who know what they are doing. For everyone else a standard account is fine.

Windows 8 user accounts