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Windows 8: Select the updates you want

If left alone, Windows will automatically download and install updates as and when they are released. Only important updates are downloaded though and some optional updates might be useful even though they are not critical to the system. It is therefore useful to manually run Windows update occasionally. Some people just like to be in control and they want to choose which updates to install and when to install them. Manually updating Windows 8 is straightforward.

Move the mouse into the top right-hand corner of the screen. When the charms panel opens on the the right, click the Settings icon. In the next panel that opens, click More settings at the bottom. In the PC settings screen, click Windows Update at the bottom. Click Check for Updates if it doesn't do so automatically.

If there are updates available you'll see a message like "9 important updates are scheduled to be installed." This text is a link - click it. A list of the updates is then displayed in the window.

Windows 8 language settings

Clicking the Install button downloads and installs all of the updates, but if you want to choose which ones to install, click the link at the bottom, To choose which important updates to install, go to Control Panel.

The desktop is displayed and the Control Panel window opens showing Windows Update. Click the link 9 important updates are available or whatever it says on your screen. A list of the updates is displayed. Selecting one shows a description on the right and a tick box enables you to select the update or deselect it.

Windows 8 language settings

Generally you should install important updates. If it reports that there are optional ones too, then it is up to you whether to install them. You can live without optional updates, but they are usually useful.

Search for Windows update
Windows 8 has a very useful search facility and if you simply start typing on the Start screen a search panel appears on the right. Type Windows update and it will say that there are no apps that match your search. However, in the right hand panel there is a number next to Settings, indicating that there are settings that match the search term. Click Settings.

Windows 8 language settings

You'll see the items matching Windows update in Settings. These are all quick ways to access Windows update functions.