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Windows 8: Download and run an app from the store

There are lots of great apps in Microsoft's Windows 8 online Store and it is very easy to download them and install them on your computer. There are games, utilities, finance, photography, video, work, fun apps, serious ones, and much more. Some of the apps available are free of charge, but some of them need to be purchased. On your first visit to the Store you might want to try one of the free apps just to get used to browsing the store, downloading apps, installing them and running them afterwards.

There is a Store tile on the Windows 8 Start screen and you just need to click it to enter the store. An internet conenction is needed of course, because the store is an online service.

Windows 8 Start

The Store home page is displayed and it initially shows some popular or interesting programs in tiles of various size. There are also tiles to access paid and free apps. There are many more apps than are displayed here and you use the scrollbar at the bottom of the screen to see them. Drag it left and right to view more apps. You will find that they are organised into categories such as games, social, entertainment, photos, music and videos and much more. Recent or outstanding apps in each category are highlighted and there are free and paid tiles.

Windows 8 Store

Scroll to the Games section and click the Top Free tile. More tiles appear displaying various games. Click one of the free games - I'll choose Cut The Rope, but you can choose any you like.

Windows 8 Store

There is a screen shot and below is a description of the app. If there is more text than will fit on the page, there is a Read more link. Near the bottom of the screen is a link to go to the app debeloper's website. This might be useful on occasions, for example if you are having problems and need help or if you want to know more about the app or developer. If you like the app and want to download it to your computer the click the Install button on the left. (To continue browsing and choose a different app you would click the big left arrow to go back to the previous page.)

Windows 8 Store

Wait while the app downloads and installs. A message is displayed in the top right corner of the screen to show what is happening. It might say, for example, Installing app.

When the app has finished downloading and installing, press the Start (Windows) key to return to the Start screen. Find the app among the tiles on the screen - you might need to scroll left or right to find it. Click it to run it.

Windows 8 Store

You can return to the Store and explore the apps and the categories and find more great software to download and install on your computer. The store is updated frequently and more apps are being added all the time, so visit often and see what is new.