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Windows 8 tips, tweaks, help and articles

Windows 8 Start screen

The app store

Download and run apps from the store
Update your apps from the online store

Desktop tips

Add a Start button and menu
Use Custom Task Manager views
Boot straight to the desktop
A replacement for the Start menu
Slim those thick window borders
Add a Start menu to the desktop
Add a Desktop toolbar to the taskbar
Access the secret desktop Start menu
How to use Windows 8 search to find stuff

Start screen tips

Start menu alternative for Windows 8

Put people on the Start screen
Weird things you can search for
Create handy Control Panel shortcuts
Master basic functions on the Start screen
How to configure the Start screen tiles
Show and find apps in the Start screen
Show the administrative tools in Start
Create and name Start program groups
Use and configure Start screen apps
Search files and apps from the Start screen
Clear Windows 8 tiles of personal information


Customise the settings

Disable the Lock screen in Windows 8
Customise notifications in Windows 8
Change the language settings to you
Customise Windows for your region
Select the Windows updates you want
Add a user account in PC Settings
Add a Windows administrator account
Turn Windows features on/off.

Internet tips

Get POP3 email in the Mail app
Change Internet Explorer's search engine
Set up your email and add accounts

Security issues

Secure USB drives using BitLocker in Windows
Use a picture password in Windows 8 for extra security
Set the privacy options for apps
Configure SmartScreen for security
Windows Defender Offline removes malware

Miscellaneous tips

Explore the world with Photowhirl for Windows 8
Burn or mount .iso images

Install Windows 8.1 alongside Windows 7
3 ways to close Windows 8 apps
Compress files to save space in Windows
Customise the Send To menu in Windows
Check what's loading using Autoruns
Burn or mount .iso disc images
Customise the Send To menu
The best Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts
Fix startup errors with Autoruns
Get a better disk defragmenter
Take control of startup items
Sleep, shut down and restart Windows
Save screenshots, reset the file counter
Configure the lock screen with extras
Download, install and run software
Uninstall store apps and other software
Different ways to switch between apps


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