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Adjust application volumes individually

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If you are using a program that has audio output and the volume is either too low or too high then it is a simple matter to adjust it in Windows 7 and make it louder or quieter. All you need to do is to click the speaker icon at the right side of the taskbar and then drag the slider up or down.

What if you are running two programs though, such as a music player and a web browser and the sites you are visiting play sound effects, beep or even have music?

What if you are playing a game with sound effects, but want to listen to your favourite music at the same time? One will interfere with the other and spoil your enjoyment.

You may not have realised that the volume for each program that is running can be adjusted individually, so you can turn up the music and turn down the browser sounds effects.

Go to the speaker icon at the right side of the taskbar and click it. At the bottom, below the slider is Mixer. Click it to open the Volume Mixer

Windows 7 volume mixer

On the left is the Device, which is usually set to Speakers. Below is the volume control. This is the master volume. The main part of the window, and you may need to scroll it to view everything, contains a list of the programs that are currently running and below each one is a volume control slider. You can use these to adjust the volumes of each program, making it louder or quieter than the others. Dragging the slider down to the bottom will mute that program. It's a useful tool on occasions.