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Stop Internet Explorer add-ons pop-up message

Internet Explorer 9 is a big improvement over previous versions of Microsoft's web browser, but it has one irritating feature that drives people nuts. It keeps on displaying a pop-up message at the bottom of the window saying "Speed up browsing by disabling add-ons." If you have been suffering with this irritating pop-up, here is how to disable it.

The pop-up is the Add-on Performance notification and it is triggered when an add-on, extension or toolbar that has been added to Internet Explorer takes longer than 0.2 seconds to load. That is not long enough for some add-ons, even Microsoft ones, and so the pop-up message appears, again, and again, and again.

Whatever you do, don't click the Ask me later button. That dismisses the pop-up for one day only, so tomorrow it will be back with the same irritating message. If you click the little down arrow at the right side of the Ask me later button then two options are displayed. Ignore Ask me later and click Don't disable. This turns off add-on performance notification for 30 days. However, next month the message will be back!

The best solution is to click the Choose Add-ons button. This displays a window that lists the add-ons and how long each one takes to load. You can choose to disable any of the add-ons that take a long time to load, but you might not want to do this if they are useful to you. A better solution is to increase the time they have to load and then the warning won't appear.

Down at the bottom of the window is Tell me when the delay caused by add-ons exceeds and the default time is 0.20 seconds. Click the button and select a longer time from the list. Choosing the maximum setting of 10 seconds would eliminate the message altogether because no add-ons take longer than 10 seconds to load unless there is a serious problem with them such as a crash. A good compromise is half or perhaps one second. You will see the warning if very slow loading add-ons are installed, but not for well behaved ones.