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Get free Bing themes for your desktop

Which search engine do you use when you want to find something on the internet? Is it Google or Bing? It is hard to choose, but in one way the differ quite significantly and Bing uses a background image on the search page.

There is some fantastic artwork and the photography is very impressive. Would you like to use those images on your desktop? Bing provides a collection of Windows themes that contain some of the best images and what's more, new images download automatically every week. Grab a theme!

The themes are all at this web page and there are five of them to choose from. Download them all - they are free. There are fantastic animal shots, impressive landscapes and more from exotic locations all around the world.

After downloading a theme it is installed just by double clicking it. Bing 4 is Earth day photo contest finalists, Bing 2 and 3 are best photos and Bing 1, the main one on the page, is the Dynamic theme. Install this one and new images are automatically downloaded from the internet each week, so there is always some fantastic new wallpaper on the desktop.

These themes can be customised and one thing you might want to change is how often the desktop wallpaper is changed. It is set to change to a new image every half an hour by default, but you can make this more or less often.

Right click the desktop and select Personalize. You'll see the Bing themes and down at the bottom is Desktop Background. Click it and where is says Change picture every, just choose another time from the drop-down list.