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Set the default save location for libraries

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Start Explorer in Windows 7 and it looks very different to previous versions of the operating system. Instead of displaying folders on the disk, it shows libraries instead. It shows documents, music, pictures and videos. Now if you drag a file to a a library and drop it on it, where will it be saved? Where is the Library folder?

The Library is actually a list of folders that make up a view of the disk contents. The Documents library, for example, consists of the Public Documents folder and My Documents. You can actually tell which folder a file will be moved to if you drop it on the Documents Library and a message is displayed by the mouse pointer when it hovers over the library while dragging a file. You can change the default folder if you would like to use some other one.

Right click a library either in the left pane or the right pane in an Explorer window, then select Properties. The folders making up the library view are listed and the one with a tick is the one that is the default when you drop files on the library or select it when saving from an application. Select another folder in the library and click Set save location. This changes the default to the selected folder.

You can add more folders to the library and in the Properties dialog just click Include a folder. Select whatever folder on the disk drive that you want to add.

Pin your libraries
If you open Explorer from the icon in the taskbar it displays the libraries. Click and drag a library to the taskbar and you'll see that the message beside it changes to Pin to Windows Explorer. If you do this, you'll find that it is added not to the taskbar, but to the right-click pop-up menu of the Explorer icon on the taskbar. You can pin all your libraries if you want. Then to access a library you just right click the Explorer icon and click the library. You may find it a useful shortcut.

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