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View files in Explorer's Preview pane

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It can be hard remembering where you saved a particular file and what you called it. You can browse around the disk with Windows Explorer, but if you are not sure of the name, you don't know what you are looking for. If you see a likely looking file and think you may have found it, you can double click it to open it inthe application. If it isn't the right one then you can close the file, continue looking and double click the next likely suspect. There is a better way though and that is to use the preview pane in Windows Explorer.

The preview pane is normally hidden and you have to go to the Organize menu in an Explroer window and then click Layout, Preview pane. A pane opens on the right in the Explorer window and it can be resized by holding the mouse over the dividing line until it changes to a double-headed arrow and then clicking and dragging it.

Now all you need to do is to click once on a file to select it. The contents of the file are then displayed in the preview pane on the right. It doesn't work for every type of file, but it works for a lot of files. It depends on what software you have installed, but you can view Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, images of various types, text files, and much more. It's a really useful feature when you are looking for a file because you just have to select it to see it's contents. You don't need to open it.

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