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Auto updating Bing desktop themes

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One of the nice things about the Bing search facility the photo that is on the home page. The images are always impressive and striking, and they are frequently changed so there is always something new to see each day. If you like these photos then why not display them on your Windows desktop? Microsoft provides desktop themes for Windows 7 that are based on collections of images similar in style and quality to the Bing search engine. The wallpaper automatically changes every so often and new images are automatically downloaded each week. It's a great feature in Windows 7.

To get the theme go to http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/downloads/bing-dynamic-theme and click the download button. You'll be asked if you want to open or save the file, choose Open (it's from Microsoft so you know it's safe). Close the browser and you'll see an Apply Theme dialog asking if you want to subscribe to the RSS feed. Click Download Attachments because this is how extra images are added.

The Control Panel Personalisation window is displayed and you may get a black desktop for a while. This is because it can take a minute or two to download the initial collection of desktop wallpaper images. The first one will then be applied.

The wallpaper will automatically change and if you want to alter the frequency then right click the desktop and select Personalize. Click Desktop background and you'll see that it is set to change every 30 minutes. Click the drop-down list below Change picture every and choose how often you want the wallpaper to change.

Windows 7 theme

More desktop themes

Also at the http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows/downloads/bing-dynamic-theme page are links to some more great Windows 7 desktop themes, such as Best of Bing 2, Best of Bing 3, Best of Bing 4, and Best of Bing 5. You can grab these too if you want to expand your collection of great Windows 7 themes.

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