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Windows 7 tips and tweaks

Clear your search history

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If you type something into the Search box on the Start menu in Windows 7, you'll see a short list of matching items. Press Enter or click See more results and the search results window opens. On the right at the top is the search box. There's a search box in every Explorer window too. Click in the box and a drop-down list of previous search terms is displayed.

This makes it easy to re-run a previous search, but it also makes it easy for someone else to see what you have been searching for too. I don't know why anyone would want to hide their searches from other people, but some people do value their privacy and they might not like the idea of someone else seeing what they've been searching for. There is a very easy way to clear the previous searches from this drop-down list.

Click in the search box in the top right corner of an Explorer window and a drop down list of search terms is displayed. Position the mouse over an item and press the Delete key. Repeat this for each item. To clear the whole lot it's easy to position the mouse over the first search term and just hold down the Delete key until they are all gone. It's quick and it's simple.

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