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Search the web from the Start menu

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Isn't it strange that there are features built into Windows, but there is no obvious way of accessing them? This is the case with Search. You can click the Start button and then type into the search box to find files, menu items, Control Panel items and programs on the computer. It is also possible to search the web too and instead of starting your web browser, going to a search engine, entering the search term and clicking the search button, you can just click Start, enter a keyword and search the web. But how? The feature is there and it is simply hidden. A registry tweak will enable you to use it.

Click Start and enter regedit to run the registry editor. The left hand pane shows the keys, whick look like folders and work in a similar way. Expand the keys and go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER \Software \Policies \Microsoft \Windows. Right click the Windows key (folder) and select New, Key from the menu that is displayed. Name the key Explorer. Now select the new Explorer key you just made and then select Edit, New, DWORD (32-Bit) Value. Name it AddSearchInternetLinkInStartMenu and then double click it afterwards and set the value to 1. Close the registry editor and restart Windows.

Windows SearchWhen Windows restarts and you get back to the desktop, click the Start button and then enter something into the search box.

As soon as you start typing, you'll see a Search the Internet menu item just above with the icon showing the default web browser (that's Internet Explorer unless you've changed it to another browser).

After entering the search term you just click the link and your web browser will open to show the search results. It saves a bit of time and effort.

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