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Configure the Action Center

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The Action Center is a new feature in Windows 7 and it is designed to alert you to problems that occur when using your computer. It is a development of the old Security Center that was in the previous version of Windows and some of the functions are the same.

Action Center notifies you about Windows Update, the firewall, Windows Backup, anti virus and anti spyware, user account control and other things.

This component of Windows resides in the notification area of the taskbar at the right-hand side (you may have to click the little up arrow to display it), and it alerts you to problems by displays pop-up messages.

If these pop-ups are irritating, you can configure Action Center to only display the ones that you are interested in and others can be hidden. It's easy and here's how to do it.

Windows 7 Action Center

Click Start, Control Panel and then Action Center. Click the link on the left labelled Change Action Center settings. You can now choose the messages you want to show and the messages to hide by ticking or clearing the boxes.

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