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Windows 7 tips and tweaks

Turn off Aero-Snap

One of the new features in Windows 7 is Aero Snap and it is a way of resizing and repositioning windows automatically. For example, if you click and drag the title bar of a window up the screen until the mouse goes off the top then let go, the window is automatically resized to fill the screen. If you drag the title bar of a window off the left side of the screen, it snaps back and fills the left half of the screen. Drag it off right, and it snaps back to fill the right half of the screen.

Sometimes it is useful, but sometimes though, it just gets in the way. It can do things that you don't want. For example, drag a window off left to fill the left half of the screen, then drag the window top border down a bit to resize it. You'll find that the bottom border comes up, which isn't what you want. If Aero Snap gets in the way and you want to turn it off, here's how to do it.

Click Start, Control Panel and if you're in Small Icons view, click Ease of Access Center and then Make your mouse easier to use. If you're in Category view, click Ease of Access and then Change how your mouse works. (It's odd that it has two names!) Now tick the option near the bottom labelled Prevent windows from being automatically arranged when moved to the edge of the screen. That turns off Aero Snap.

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