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Windows 7 tips and tweaks

Check out the improved font handling

There have been some interesting and useful tweaks to the way that fonts are viewed and installed in Windows 7 and it is now easier and more convenient. It never was that difficult to install fonts, but now whenever you preview a font, there is an install button that does all the work for you. It's not exactly a killer feature, but it's a nice tweak.

Go to a website like 1001 Free Fonts and you'll see lots of fonts that you can add to Windows. They are great for newsletters, brochures, fliers and similar types of publications.

Browse around and when you see a font that you would like, click the Windows Download button. Save the file to the disk - somewhere where you can find it afterwards like the desktop or the Downloads folder. Right click the zip file and select Extract All from the menu. Click Extract and the new folder is created containing the contents of the zip file.

Fonts have a .ttf file extension and if you double click one a preview window opens and displays some text in different sizes so that you can see what it looks like. You can even print the sample text using the Print button at the top. What's new in Windows 7 is the Install button. Just click it and the font is added to Windows. The file is actually copied to the Windows fonts folder, so you can delete the original file afterwards because it is no longer needed.

Removing fonts is easy too. Click the Start button, Control Panel and then Fonts (set the View By option to Small Icons in the Control Panel if you don't see Fonts). You can double click a font to open the preview window or you can right click a font and select Delete if you no longer want it.

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