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Open a command prompt window anywhere

Many Windows users never have any need to open a command prompt window and everything they need in available on a menu, icon or button somewhere. The command prompt can be useful for some advanced functions though and you can open a command prompt window by clicking Start, All Programs, Accessories, Command Prompt. (It is sometimes useful to open it as an administrator - right click the Command Prompt menu and select Run as administrator.) A window opens with an old fashioned Dos-like prompt.

There is another way to open a command prompt window. You sometimes want to execute commands in a certain folder, perhaps to access or process some files in a way that's not normally available in Windows. Of course, you can open a command prompt window and then navigate to the folder using the cd command and cd \Users changes to the \Users folder for example. However, it gets complicated when there are long names in folder names. A quicker and easier way to open a command prompt window is to right click a folder in an Explorer window while holding down the Shift key and select Open command window here. A command prompt window opens and you'll find that the current folder is the selected one. It's a great time saver

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