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Windows 7 hints and tips

Wallpaper tips and tricks

There are lots of great wallpaper images in Windows 7 and you can use them to brighten up the desktop. The basic default wallpaper is fine, of course, but you might wish for something else after a while.

Changing the wallpaper is easy and you just right click an empty part of the desktop and select Personlize from the menu that is displayed. Click Desktop Background in the dialog that appears and then you can choose any of the wallpaper images you see.

There are more than are visible here and you can use secret international wallpapers that are hidden in Windows 7 by following this tip.

Windows 7 can use themes to alter the look and feel of the desktop and windows, and a theme consists of a colour scheme, screen saver, icons and wallpapers. There might only be one wallpaper in a theme, but there could be several. To select a theme, right click the desktop and select Personalize from the menu that is displayed. Just select one of themes that are listed.

When a theme is selected and it contains multiple wallpapers, when you get tired of the current wallpaper and want to see something different on your desktop, right click an empty part of the screen and select Next desktop background.

When a theme contains several desktop backgrounds you can get Windows to automatically change the wallpaper at regular intervals. Right click the desktop and select Personalize. Click Desktop Background and then at the bottom of the window choose how frequently you want to change the wallpaper. Tick the Shuffle box to mix them up and select images at random.

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