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Changes to Region and Language settings

There have been a few subtle changes to Region and Language in the Windows 7 Control Panel. It's nothing major and it is just a few minor tweaks here and there. For a start, the name has changed and in Vista's Control Panel it is called Regional and Language options, but in Windows 7 it has been shortened to Region and Language. It does make sense because all the Control Panel items provide options, yet some items have the the word 'Options' in the name and some don't. The use of word 'Options' has been reduced in Windows 7.

The Formats tab has changed quite a lot and now you can see and select the short and log date formats, and the short and long time formats. Previously you had to click the Customize this format button. It's odd that the date and time has been put on the Formats tab because when you click the Additional settings button (which used to be called Customize this format), you get tabs to set the time and date formats. So the settings appear twice. Windows 7 has long and short time formats whereas Vista only has one time format.

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