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Changes to Date and Time in the Control Panel

There are more changes in Windows 7 than you might think and it is easy to miss them. It's only when you compare Vista and 7 side by side that you notice some of them. For example, there have been some subtle changes to Date and Time in the Control Panel.

In Vista the time is listed as Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), but in Windows 7 it is shown as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). Is this a change or is it because I'm running the UK retail version of Vista, but a downloaded beta of Windows 7. We will see when the retail version ships in the UK.

There is a difference between GMT and UTC, but it is measured in fractions of a second, so it isn't going to make any difference to the PC's ability to show the correct time.

Another interesting change is with daylight saving. Here in the UK we turn the clocks forward one hour in the spring and back an hour in the autumn. (Something to do with manual labourers not wanting to go to work in the dark in the winter a century or so ago.) In Vista there is a tick box to remind you one week before this change occurs, but in Windows 7 the tick box is to notify you when the clock changes, so no advance warning any more.

There is also a link to get more time zone information online. If you click the button to change the date and time another link has been added. This one is Change Calendar Settings and it opens the Region and Language Control Panel item and then opens the Date tab in the Customise Format dialog.

These changes are very minor, but they do make Windows just that little bit better and easier to use.

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