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Windows 7 hints and tips

Improve the display using ClearType

Is the text on the screen pin-sharp or does it look a bit fuzzy? If it is not quite to your liking you can tweak the display settings using ClearType. This is a technology for smoothing the edges of fonts on the screen to improve the appearance.

To get started, go to the Control Panel and open Display. Click the link on the left labelled Adjust ClearType text. The ClearType Tuner is displayed and if it isn't currently turned on, tick the box to enable it. Click next and there are four steps to getting the best posiblt text display on the monitor. On each step there are two or more text boxes and you simply decide which is the best. Click it and then move on to the next step.

When all the steps have been completed the settings are saved and your display will be optimised for the best quality text.

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