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Windows 7 tips, tweaks, articles and help


General Windows 7 tips

Compress files to save space in Windows
Create disk partitions with Diskpart
Customise the mouse hover behaviour
Use speech recognition in Windows
Improve the PC's sound
Get a better registry editor
Windows Live Movie Maker special effects
Add AutoCollage to Windows Live Photo Gallery
Put your idle PC to sleep
The many ways to switch programs
Adjust application volumes
Configure and play your favourite music
Windows Media Center command line switches
Access the speaker properties dialog
Enhance Windows with these great downloads
Create and use virtual disk drives
Run programs from the command prompt
Open a command prompt anywhere
Get an energy efficiency report
Use modifier keys to change mouse click actions
Check out the improved font handling
Discover new tools and functions
Use the Private Character Editor
What to install on day 1
Turn Windows 7 features on or off
3D and DirectX in VirtualBox
Enter equations using Math Input Panel
Sticky Notes hidden formatting
The extra options in Windows Update
Check out the simplified power button
Modify the Start menu power button function
Start programs with the right priority
Share files between Windows, Linux and Macs

The desktop

Create a desktop tray for icons
4 great desktop gadgets
5 fantastic gadgets for the desktop
10 must-have desktop gadgets
Access secret gadget and Sidebar commands
Add gadgets to the desktop
Customise animated desktop wallpaper
Modify or remove shortcut arrows
Free Bing themes
Use hidden themes and wallpapers
Auto updating Bing desktop themes
Automatically change the wallpaper
Wallpaper tips and tricks
Recycle files when there's no Recycle Bin
Display taskbar thumbnails faster
Taskbar features and functions
Use the Magnifier to zoom in on the screen
How to turn off Aero Snap
Rearrange taskbar icons and pin programs
Add the missing Flip 3D icon to the taskbar
Edit the Start menu items
Change the hover behaviour on the Start menu
Customise the notification area
Shrink window borders and title bar

Control Panel

Enable the secret God Mode!
Extra details in Programs and Features
Control Panel tips and secrets
Getting Started in Control Panel
The new Font tool in Control Panel
New Display tool in Control Panel
Changes to Region and Language
The new Printers and Devices item
Date and Time tweaks in Control Panel

Internet, web and email tips

Which programs use most internet bandwidth?
Manage internet bandwidth
Stop Internet Explorer add-ons message
Access websites from the Windows taskbar
Search the web from the Start menu
Add the missing network activity icon
4 Twitter clients running on Adobe AIR

Windows Explorer tips

Customise Explorer's toolbar menus
Add Google/SkyDrive/Dropbox to Libraries
Add Explorer Copy To and Move To menus
Use advanced search features in Explorer
Display Explorer windows faster
Exploring Windows Explorer windows
Add programs to Explorer Favorites
Pin SkyDrive to the Windows 7 taskbar
Set the default library save location
Use Windows Explorer's preview pane to find files
Customise Explorer in the taskbar
Customise the Send To menu
Secret features in Open and Save dialogs
Create your own libraries
Make the most of Explorer's new features
Add the hidden Quick Launch toolbar

Windows search tips

Rebuild the index to solve search problems
Advanced search options
Clear your search history
Weird things you can type into the search box
Who needs Run? Use Search instead
Can't find it? Search for it!

Boost Windows 7 and PC performance

Faster startup using Event Viewer
4 portable Windows disk defragmenters
Speed up the Windows desktop
PerfectDisk optimises the disk drive
Run CCleaner on a schedule
16 defragmenters to boost performance
CPU speed tests using Winsat
Uninstall software and remove all traces
Uninstall software with Comodo Programs Manager
Explore the new Disk Cleanup tool
Defragment the registry to boost performance
Speed up your PC with IObit Smart Defrag
Keep the system clean of clutter
Tweak Windows 7 for solid state drives
10 quick tips to save time and effort
Start programs faster in Windows
Schedule disk defragmentation
Schedule Disk Cleanup options
Faster taskbar thumbnails
What Windows Experience Index really means
Defrag the disk and boost its speed
Turbo charge the clipboard
Improve the display with ClearType
Monitor program installs and speed up Windows

Troubleshooting and problem solving

Check what's loading using Autoruns
Remove unwanted toolbars, hijackers
Stop Windows Update restarting the computer
5 great Windows cleanup tools
Autoruns cleans up after uninstallers
Back up without installing software
9 free backup tools to keep your files safe
Back up from the command line/shortcut
Create a system repair disc
Rescue a dead PC with a system image
Run disk and RAM tests
Stop the Avast! desktop gadget in Windows
Track down errors with Event viewer
Fix Windows using the System Recovery Options
System Recovery Options part 2
Check the logs for errors
Run old programs in compatibility mode
How to troubleshoot problems
Watch out for a bug when you use libraries
Recover files with Previous Versions
Check the PC's memory for faults
Stop pop-ups, errors and messages on startup

Security tips and techniques

Allow/block programs with Windows Firewall
Remove malware with Rising PC Doctor
Clean viruses with Panda Nemesis
Remove malware with Windows Defender Offline
Securely erase the disk
Clear the page file when shutting down
Auto run programs with administrator status
Configure Action Center to hide/show messages
Run programs as an administrator
Configure User Account Control
Explore the new Action Center
Email tricks using by phishing+malware
Clean Windows with Avira AntiVir Rescue
Don't restore viruses and malware

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