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Windows Vista hints and tips 6

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Add photographic details - method 1

Photo propertiesWhen a photograph is taken with a digital camera the cameras stores a wide range of information with the image.

It's called exif data and it contains the camera model, the date the photo was taken, the focal length, metering mode, whether the flash was active and so on.

This is all done automatically and it is very useful. However, it is incomplete and the camera cannot possibly understand what the subject is and it cannot tell who took the photo.

Fortunately, there is a way to add this information to a photo yourself.

Go to the Pictures folder (click Start, Pictures) or wherever you have saved your photos and then right click a file. Select Properties from the menu that appears and then click the Details tab. There is a list of properties on the left and their values are shown on the right.

Clicking in the Value column enables you to enter the value for the selected property. For example, click Title and you can type in the photo's title, click Date Taken and then click the date to reveal a pop-up calendar control that enables you to pick a date.

You can enter the author and copyright information, give the photo a rating and so on. Click OK when you have finished and the information you have entered is saved with the photo.

Add photographic details - method 2

In the last tip we saw how to add information Photo detailsto a photo, such as the title, subject, author and copyright. There is another way of entering this information and it's slightly easier when you have lots of images to update.

Open your Pictures folder or wherever your photos are stored and select one by clicking it once.

There is a small pane at the bottom of the Explorer window and when the mouse hovers over the border it turns into a double headed arrow and you can click and drag the border up to enlarge the bottom pane.

When you do this the preview image is enlarged and all the photo information is displayed. Click where it says Add Title and you can type in the photo's title.

Click the rating stars to set a rating, click Specify the subject and type in the subject. When you're done, click the Save button to save the updated information with the photo.

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