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Back up your email to avoid disk disasters

Webmail is becoming increasingly popular and it is becoming easier and more convenient to use, but many people still prefer to use an email client on their computer. These connect to a POP3 or IMAP email server and download the latest messages and store them locally on the computer. Windows XP users typically use Outlook Express, Vista users have Windows mail and 7 users have, well nothing.

Actually, that's not true and instead of an email client being bundled with Windows, it is now a program you can download from http://download.live.com. It works in all versions of Windows.

Making backups of important files and data is always a good idea, so if you want to back up your email, which folders and files do you back up?

In Outlook Express select Tools, Options and then the Maintenance tab. Click the Store Folder button and you'll see where your email is stored. It's a long and complicated path, so click in the store location box and press Home, Shift+End, Ctrl+C to copy the path. Now click Start, Run and press Ctrl+V to paste in the path. Press Return and Explorer will open to show the email storage folder. You can copy this to another disk, USB flash memory drive, or CD-R.

In Vista's Windows Mail, click Tools, Options and click the Advanced tab. Click Maintenance and then Store Folder. Copy the path as before and then click Start, Ctrl+V, Return to open an Explorer window. Back up the files in this folder.

Windows Live Mail is the same as Vista's Windows Mail. Copy and paste the path into XP's Run box or Vista/7's Search box as described above.

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