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Windows Vista hints and tips

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Resize Explorer's Details view

Open an Explorer window in Vista and select Details from the Views menu. You will see that each file is displayed on a separate line with attributes like the size, modification date, and so on shown in columns. The width of each column isn't always right and sometimes there isn't enough space to show whatever is in it, or too much space is allocated to a column and it's a wasted - everything else is squashed. Fortunately, the size of each column can easily be adjusted.

Position the mouse cursor over the dividing line between two columns in the header bar and then click and drag left or right to resize the column. A useful trick is to double click the divider and this resizes the column so that everything just fits perfectly.

Add Favorite Links in Explorer

Explorer Favorite LinksExplorer windows in Vista have a Favorite Links pane on the left and it contains shortcuts to places like the Documents, Pictures and Music folders. Click one and you go straight there.

You can add your own shortcuts to the Favorite Links list too and it can be useful to add networked drives like the shared folder of another PC that contains files that you regularly access, such as music, photos or videos.

To add a link to a network folder, click Start, Network and the computers on your network are displayed. Double click one to see the items that it is sharing and then click and drag a shared folder to the Favorite Links pane on the left. Drop it in the empty space at the bottom and it will appear as a link. It's now instantly available in all Explorer windows and it saves you hunting for it each time you want to access it.

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