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Tag your photos

You can add tags to files like digital camera photographs and artwork. These are basically simple descriptions or keywords that identify the content. For example, if you went on holiday to Paris in 2007, you could tag all the photos withy 'Paris 2007' or 'Holiday 2007'. You can add more tags and be more descriptive if you want, but it's best to keep them short.

Image tagsTo add a tag to a digital camera photograph open an Explorer window to view the file, then right click it and select Properties from the menu that is displayed. Select the Deatails tab and you'll see Tags near the top in the Property column.

Click on the right in the Value column and enter the tag. (More than one can be added and in this case you will find that Windows automatically separates them with a semi-colon.) Click OK to apply the tag and close the Properties window

OK, so you've successfully tagged a photo. What now? Click the down arrow next to the Views button in the Explorer window and select List view. You will now see a Tags column showing off the tags for each photo. It's easy to tell what each photo is from the tags. Photos can be sorted using the tags and you just need to click the Tags heading at the top. Click again to reverse the sort (ascending or descending alphabetical order). It is possible to search for tha tags in files too, so they can make managing your photo collection much easier.