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Windows Vista hints and tips

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Browse the Fonts folder

Vista fontsA good collection of useful fonts is installed with Vista and they are stored in the C:\Windows\Fonts folder. However, they are usually accessed through the Control Panel. Click Start, Control Panel, switch to Classic View and double click Fonts. To see what a font looks like, just double click one and a window will open with some sample text in various sizes.

Some applications, such as desktop publishing programs, install lost of fonts and the number will grow over time as you add more software to the computer. An excessive number of fonts can consume memory, disk space, and processing power, so don't go overboard with them.

Several hundred are supplied with Vista and it is unlikely that you'll need more than 1,000, so take a look at the foot of the Fonts window when you first open it and see how many items there are. If there are more than 1,000 you should consider deleting some. Just right click a font and select Delete to remove it.

Don't remove any fonts with a red icon or ones that are commonly used by the software installed on your computer or on web pages. For example, Arial, Verdana, Sergoe, Times New Roman, and Wingdings are all basic core fonts you should keep. Script, old English and other fancy fonts aren't ever used for anything important and can be deleted.

Sort your fonts

When you are browsing the Fonts folder in the Control Panel you can use the Views drop-down menu to select a view, such as List, Details, Large or Small Icons. These are not the only views and if you tap the Alt key a menu appears at the top of the window. Select View and the Sort menu has options to sort the fonts by name, type or size.

In all views except List view you can access a Group By menu. You can group the fonts by name, type or size. (You need to keep tapping the Alt key to show the menu every time you want to select a menu item.)

You'll see group headings in blue in the Fonts window and double clicking a group heading expands or collapses it. There are Expand all Groups and Collapse all Groups options on the View menu too (tap Alt).

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