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Windows Vista hints and tips 10

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Find Start menu items faster

Vista's new Start menu is different to XP's and if you are having problems finding items on it, there is a shortcut you can use. Just click the Start button and type in the first few characters of the name. For example, type 'note' and you'll see Notepad listed. You can continue to type the name and then hit Enter, or you can click Notepad as soon as you see it listed. Interestingly, you'll see websites and files listed too. The files are ones that the application can open, so if you type notepad you'll see .txt files listed. It might be quicker than going through Explorer and trying to find a file on the hard disk drive. Try typing 'word' or 'paint'.

Add extra clocks to the taskbar

Windows Vista clockAt the right-hand side of the taskbar in the notification area is a clock showing the time (and if you let the mouse hover over it, it will also show today's date too).

It is useful having the time displayed in the taskbar, but it is not simply to save you having to look at the time on your wristwatch or the clock on the wall.

You can add extra clocks to the taskbar that show the time in different time zones around the world.

This is useful if you need to know what the time is in New York or Paris, perhaps before making a call to a business, friend or relative.

To add these extra clocks, click the clock in the taskbar and then click the Change date and time settings link.

Select the Additional Clocks tab and tick either one or both of the extra clocks as required.

Select the time zone from the drop-down list. Click OK to close the dialog and you will see the new clocks appear on the taskbar.

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