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Windows Vista Firewall Part 3: Lockdown

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Create a rule

We currently cannot browse the web because all outbound connections are blocked, so let's create a rule that tells Windows Firewall to allow Internet Explorer to pass through. In the main Windows Firewall with Advanced Security window, select Outbound Rules in the left-hand pane. In the middle pane is a long list of items that probably mean very little to most people, but there's no need to worry about it.

Windows Vista Firewall

Over in the right-hand pane, click New Rule... and a new dialog appears called the New Outbound Rule Wizard. We will create a rule for a program - Internet Explorer - so select the Program option and click Next. Select the option labelled This program path, and then click the Browse button. Click the Computer icon on the left, double click the hard disk drive, double click Program Files, double click Internet Explorer, and then double click iexplorer.exe. You should end up with something like this:

Windows Firewall

We have selected the program on the hard disk drive that we want to give permission to access the internet. It's Internet Explorer in this case, but it could be any program that you want to use with the internet. Click the Next button and then in the next step select Allow the connection. Click Next and then you can choose when to apply this rule. Tick Domain, Private and Public because you want to be able to use Internet Explorer no matter where or how you are connected to the Internet. Finally, you must enter a name for this rule. In this case, it's best to simply call it Internet Explorer because this will remind us that the rule is for Internet explorer. Enter it and click Finish.

Windows Firewall

You have now created a rule that allows a program - Internet Explorer - to access the internet. It can do this even though the computer is locked down tight and no other programs can access the internet. So every program is blocked, including any malware that may be lurking in dark corners of the hard disk drive, and only Internet Explorer has access. Your computer is in a very secure state and you are protected from spyware, viruses and other malware that attempts to send out private information about you. Windows Firewall will simply block all attempts because there's only one rule and that's for Internet Explorer.

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