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Block foreign language email spam

I have somehow managed to get onto a foreign language spammers email list. My inbox is flooded with emails I cannot read and do not want. Even if I could read them I probably still wouldn't want them. They seem to get through the spam filter because they are in a foreign language and the filters only work with English messages. Here's how to rid your inbox of those pesky foreign junk emails.

I haven't a clue why I get them or what they say because I don't speak the language. I guessed at Russian or Greek and copying the subject of a recent email and pasting it into Google Translate revealed that it was indeed Russian for "80% discount on bags Prada-Gucci-Chanel and others!"

Using Outlook.com, spam is normally filtered out and placed in the Junk folder, but unfortunately, spam can only be detected in emails written in English. This meant that they passed straight through the spam filter into the inbox. The obvious solution is to create an email filter rule that can be applied to incoming messages and either delete the foreign spam or move it to the Junk folder. However, the subject and content varies and I don't speak the language, which doesn't help.

The solution is to check the emails for foreign characters. We don't use the И character in English, so you can create a rule to check for that instead. There are lots of characters in foreign languages that aren't used in English and you simply create rules to check for them and deal with the messages.

It doesn't matter which email program or webmail you use and the technique is the same. I'll use outlook.com (the Hotmail replacement). Find one of the foreign language emails and click and drag over a foreign character to select it. Right click the selection and copy it. Click the gear icon in the top right corner and select More email settings. Click Rules for sorting new messages and click New to create a new rule. Create a rule like this, right clicking in the third box and selecting Paste to paste in the foreign character.

Email rules

So if the subject contains a И you can perform an action on it such as moving it to Junk, some other folder, or simply deleting it. Remember that this will work on any email with this character in so don't do this if you ever receive foreign language emails. I don't speak Russian and I don't want any Russian emails.

You will probably need to create two or three rules like this with different foreign characters because not every email has И in it. Pick another character and add it as a separate rule. Your inbox will be much cleaner without the foreign spam cluttering it up.

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