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Customise the taskbar in Windows

The taskbar has been in Windows since 1995 and it is a fundamental feature. It shows what programs are running, allows you to switch from one to another, provides access to favourite applications and more.

There are some simple settings that you can customise and to do this you right click the taskbar and select properties from the menu that is displayed. The properties window varies from Window version to version, but you will find options like the aility to aut-hide the taskbar, lock it, use small icons, tweak the jump lists feature and so on.

There are actually more settings than is displayed in the taskbar properties window, but accessing them requires editing the registry. It is not obvious what the settings are or where they are located.

This is where 7+ Taskbar Tweaker comes in useful. It presents all the taskbar settings in one window. There are options and tick boxes and it is very easy to use. Far simpler than editing the registry. I won't list all the features because it is easier to simply look at the screen shot.

7+ Taskbar Tweaker

7+ Taskbar Tweaker is free and it is only 1.5Mb, which is very small. A nice feature is that when the installer is run, there is an option to install a portable version. (It's on a drop-down menu button - look for it.) I always prefer portable versions of software because they don't make any changes to windows. They just run from a folder and to uninstall them you delete the folder.

It's worth checking out this simple tweaking tool that is designed for Windows 7 and 8.

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