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Use Google image search in Chrome

Google's image search is fine for finding images related to a word or phrase you type in, but instead of entering a text-based search term you can add a photo or image and use that instead. It will find similar images. The snag is, it's not that useful. However, there is a great Google extension that makes it much easier to use.

Go to Google, click Images and at the right side of the search box is a camera icon. Click it and there is the option of pasting in the URL of an image or uploading one. Neither option is very useful. Getting the URL of an image and typing or pasting it in is a hassle and so is uploading an image, that's if you have one on your computer in the first place. There's a better way to use image search.

Start Chrome, click the spanner icon and select Tools, Extensions, or open a new tab and click Chrome Web Store. Enter search by image into the search box and among the results (there are many similar tools), is Search by Image (by Google). Add it to Chrome.

If the Extensions page is not displayed, click the spanner, Tools, Extensions and click Options under Search by Image. There is an option to display a camera icon on images when the mouse hovers over them. It's not essential and some people will like it, but others won't. Try it both ways.

Now whenever you see an image on the web, you can either hover the mouse over it and click the camera icon or right click it and select Search Google with this image. A really good way to search for images is to go to Google, select Image and enter a search term, such as cat. If you see an image that is close to what you want, right click it and select Search Google with this image. Google will then find images that are similar to the selected one. Combining text and image searches is a great way to find things on the web.

Google image search

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