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Virus meets its Nemesis

Is it possible to have too many anti virus tools? Not really. One security tools is certainly not enough because they are never 100% effective against 100% of all threats. There is always something that slips through. It is therefore good to know where you can download alternative tools like anti virus software to clean up an infected computer. Panda Nemesis is a free tool that you can install on your PC and use it alongside your other security software.

Nemesis is a free clean-up utility from Panda Security, the maker of several Windows security programs. It is a 19Mb download and it needs installing, but it doesn't have any real-time anti virus/spyware/rootkit components. You just run it when you want to either check your PC or clean it if you suspect it has been infected with some type of malware.

Panda Nemesis

It offers two options when it is run and you can perform a Quick Analysis or a High Security Analysis. The Quick Analysis is basically a quick scan for viruses, spyware and the usual types of malware. If any is detected they are displayed in a report at the end and there are buttons to remove them. The High Security Analysis restarts Windows and scans as soon as it boots up and it goes a bit further than a Quick Analysis. If anything is detected, you can remove it. Windows is then restarted and it is scanned again. This process continues until the PC is clean.

When malware is found or unknown files are found, such as suspected malware, they are uploaded to the cloud - Panda's server - where they are analysed and a report is sent back. This cloud component is unusual for a clean-up tool and it means that the software isn't reliant on just the malware signatures it contains. It should make it better than other utilities of its type.

Download Nemesis.

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