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Remove malware and clean Windows with Rising PC Doctor

On the one hand, there is a lot of malware for Windows, but on the other hand there are lots of security tools too. One that you might not be familiar with is Rising PC Doctor from Beijing Rising International Software. The company has 60 million customers, so it's not a small outfit by any means and it is big in Asia. PC Doctor is a free tool that removes malware like spyware and Trojans, fixes security flaws and prevents malware infections.

Rising PC Doctor is a 9Mb download and it uses very little memory when it is running. It is not a complete security suite and you need other security software too (it recommends Rising Antivirus Free). Use it to provide additional protection on top of what you already have.

The interface is unusual and rolling the mouse over the top bar shows a panel of icons on the left. It's a bit too easy to roll over something you didn't mean to and switch the panel of icons though. There are common functions, automatic protection, expert tools and so on.


Online Diagnosis, Scan for Spyware and Scan for Trojans can be used to check that the PC is clean and there isn't any malware lurking on the disk or in memory. If any malware is found, there is an option to remove it. The Leaks button checks that you have the latest bug fixes and patches for Windows and reports any insecurities. Malware often attacks through flaws and an up-to-date Windows is more secure than an old version, so this will tell you if you're missing anything.

Its ability to prevent infections seems limited and I was able to run some dodgy email attachments which installed malware. Scanning afterwards found them though. There is a startup manager for viewing the programs that automatically start with Windows, a process manager that shows what is currently running and a service manager that shows the services running. It labels items as known or unknown. Clicking a program displays its details and whether it is safe or not. Unknown files can be submitted to the Rising community and you can cast your own vote as to whether a file is safe or not.

Rising PC Doctor isn't the best Windows security toolkit around, but it is free and it takes up little disk space or memory. Add it to your current security software for a bit of extra protection. Just don't rely on it on its own.

Download it here...

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