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Find and remove malware with Emsisoft Emergency Kit

It is possible to have too much security on your PC, which might seem an odd thing to say. After all, how can security be bad for your computer? The problem is that some people think that two anti virus programs are better than one. Installing two programs that do the same job offers very little benefit and it might just end up slowing down the computer without providing much additional security.

Don't install two anti virus programs with real-time monitoring - the sort of programs that start automatically with Windows and run in the background checking every file you open, every file you copy and so on.

It is perfectly OK to use a second security program if it doesn't start with Windows and doesn't have real-time monitoring. An example of this type of program is the free Emsisoft Emergency Kit. This is a portable program, which means that it does not need installing and it only runs when you want it to. It can be saved to the hard disk drive or it can be put on a USB flash memory drive and carried in your pocket. This is perfect for using on other computers to scan them and, if necessary, remove malware like viruses, Trojans and spyware.

Unzip the program and double click Start.exe to display the menu. Click Emergency Kit Scanner to scan the computer for malware and remove it. Before it starts, it will update the virus database from the internet if you have a connection.

Emsisoft Emergency Kit

Click the scan button and there is a choice of a quick scan, smart scan, deep scan and a custom scan. A custom scan enables you to choose useful settings, such as whether to scan inside zip files (which would slow down the scanning), select your own folders to scan and so on. Custom scans can be saved.

It can't be used as your only line of defense because it is only a clean-up tool and it doesn't prevent infections. However, it is not intended to. It's free and it is useful to keep around for awkward malware that your regular security program has missed or is having problems removing. Use it to get a second opinion if your regular security program flags a program as malware, but you are not so sure.

Emsisoft Emergency Kit

Another component of the toolkit is HijackFree and this has several functions. It shows the processes (programs) that are running and provides details about them that you can't get in Task Manager. It shows the ports that programs are communicating on, services that are running and more. It's handy for manually checking what is running, what is starting with Windows, stopping autostart programs and so on.

Sometimes when cleaning malware from a PC you find a file won't delete. BlitzBlank deletes these awkward programs on startup.

This is a very useful toolkit and it is well worth downloading a copy and keeping it around just in case you need to check your PC or someone else's.