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Clean up your Hotmail inbox using Sweep tools

No matter how many times a day you check your email, it still manages to get out of control. There are just too many messages and too little time to organise them. How many messages are in your inbox? Probably thousands, possibly stretching back years, but do you need them all?

Some email messages are important and you will want to keep them, but others are not. Special offers with a time limit, money-saving vouchers that expire after a certain date, newsletters and similar emails are great when they arrive, but are simply inbox clutter after a few weeks. Hotmail has some useful tools that enable you to clean up your inbox and get rid of old messages you no longer need.

Go to your Hotmail inbox and select a message. Not just any old message, but one that you regularly get, such as a newsletter. I have chosen one from Starbucks. I get news, special offers, notifications about free drinks and so on. Click the Sweep menu and then Schedule cleanup.


A window is displayed that contains three useful options. The first one enables you to delete all messages from this sender except the most recent one. This is a bit severe though, but it might be appropriate in some circumstances.


The second option is more interesting and it enables you to delete messages like the selected one that are older than a certain date. This is perfect for vouchers that expire, special offers that are time limited and so on. It defaults to 10 days, but clicking this time limit displays a menu and messages can automatically be deleted that are 3, 10, 30 or 60 days old. It's up to you which one you use.


The third option is a good one too, but it has a different purpose. It enables you to archive old messages. Suppose you get newsletters. You want to keep them, you don't want them cluttering up the inbox, and you want to make them easy to find. Sweep's scheduled cleanup can move all the old messages like the one selected, to a folder. Select the third option. Choose the number of days you want to keep them in your inbox, and then select the folder you want to move old messages too. You can create a folder from this menu if you don't already have one. This is a really useful feature for archiving conversations, communications, newsletters and so on.


Use Sweep to keep your inbox a bit letter cluttered and you might have time for more important things, like work or play.