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Remove malware with Windows Defender Offline

There is a constant battle between malware authors and security companies and each side is useing increaqsingly sophisticated methods and tools in an attempt to gain an advantage. Viruses, Trojans, spyware and other types of malware can be stubborn and hard to remove once they get on a PC and infect it.

The problem is that once they are running they can disable the tools you need to remove them and also if you do manage to delete the files, then they simply write a new copy to the disk. One way to remove awkward malware is to clean the PC before Windows even loads.

Microsoft's free Windows Defender Offline is a boot CD that enables you to start the computer and clean up any infections. It's worth trying.

Go and download Windows Defender Offline and save it to disk. There are 32-bit and 64-bit versions, so choose the appropriate one. (Go to System in the Control Panel to discover which version of Windows you are running.) It is only a small program and when it is run you are offered the choice of either writing a CD/DVD, saving it to a USB flash memory drive or saving a .iso CD image to the hard disk drive. You would need to use CD/DVD writing software to write the .iso file before it can be used.

After making your selection the program downloads the data files. It's a big download of a couple of hundreds megabytes, so it could take some time on a slow internet connection.

Windows Defender

Using it is straightforward and you start the computer with the CD in the drive. It boots up and runs Windows Defender Offline and this works in a similar way to normal Windows Defender. You can run quick full and custom scans, download the latest malware definitions, exclude file types or folders, and so on.