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Compare the security of Windows XP, Vista and 7

Are you still using Windows XP? If you bought a PC just at the right time it would have come with Windows Vista, probably the 32-bit version because 64-bit Windows wasn't as popular as it is now. Did you upgrade your XP or Vista PC to Windows 7 when it came out or are you still running an old and outdated operating system.

There are several simple test that you can perform that show just how bad those old versions of Windows are from a security perspective. XP is really bad and it is no wonder that it gets so many virus and spyware infections.

Vista is much better, but none can match Windows 7 for sercurity. Here's how to run the tests for yourself to see how secure your PC is.

Go and get Comodo HIPS and Firewall Leak Test. Unzip the files - there's no installation required - and then double click clt.exe (clt if you have file extensions hidden).

Comodo leak test suite

Click the Test button and site back and watch as the program simulates the sort of activity that malware like Trojans, root kits and other undesirable programs get up to. What's your score?

Of course, the security software you are running will affect the results, but if you disable it and just run the tests you can compare the security of Windows itself. You can also compare different versions of Windows if they are running the same security software. For example, I have a Windows XP PC running Avast! Free Anti Virus with Windows Firewall and a Windows 7 PC with exactly the same. Actually, I've found that whether Windows Firewall is on or off makes no difference. Here are the scores:

Windows XP SP3 32-bit = 50/340
Windows Vista SP1 32-bit = 120/340
Windows 7 SP1 = 190/340

As you can see, 64-bit Windows 7 blocks nearly four times as many malware attacks as Windows XP. That's quite a difference and it is shocking how bad XP is. Of course, this is just one test, but it is likely that other security tests will produce similar results. Do you still want to use XP now?